Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Kevin Trieu

Here's a familiar looking face. His name is Kevin Trieu. And
you might remember him from that big Spring Asian Overload
post earlier this year.
I believe there's a Vietnamese connection although he
currently lives in Sydney Australia.
He's also a bit of a gay nightlife party animal.

These images are by Sydney based photographer @Gun.

More images of Kevin on his very busy Instagram/Pictame page.

Below: Kevin by Pasha Ivaniushko, although blonde hair
on Asians doesn't always work for me.


Above and below are just a few excellent images of multicultural
beauty and Select model Akeem Osborne.
A fine collection of Akeem's model images can be found
at Compute/Info.
There's also a very informative interview with the model
on the pages at Boys By Girls.


Below: Akeem by Jakub Koziel

Above: Akeem by EVA K. SALVI
for Astrid Andersen FW18 Backstage

And The Summer Rolls On!

And so our warm Summer just keeps rolling along. I think we must be into
a fifth week of our so called heatwave. Our Rivers are starting to dry up
and the North of England will be the first place for the hose pipe bans.

Above and below are some pictures of our local Pergola in Hampstead which

is looking more colourful with more roses up than I've ever seen before.
And it's in this particular spot in these pictures that seems to be attracting all
the photographers, be it for young lovers as well as professional commercial

Below are a few of our evening sunsets that seem to be showing
up almost every evening thanks to all this warm Summer weather.
I'm still hoping to take advantage of all this sunshine with a
weekend visit to our South Coast.

Saquon Bares All....Well Almost!

Above and below is Saquon Barkley, a very impresive looking
American running back for The New York Giants. It was these
images that appeared in this Summer's Body Issue of ESPN

More can be seen at SPORTS GOSSIP.

(Original text lost due to typing error on original large name banner
as they were both digitally connected)