Thursday, 25 May 2017

Lucky Lucca!

Here's a recent editorial from MADE IN BRAZIL that got me quite excited while I
was away preparing this new blog. It features Brazilian beauty Lucca Schlenker
alongside Gabriel Souza in a somewhat wet and watery picture spread.
Lucca is quite the darling of the tumblr world and he can be seen in two or three
more editorials.
These pictures were taken by Christiano Madureira and styled by Jeff Ferrari.


Below: Lucca from one of several recent images by
Sao Paulo photographer Hudson Rennan.


Here's a recent favourite model at Coitus Online that just returned
for a follow up photo shoot with some images by Pantelis.
And they look even bolder than the previous set.

More of these fresh hot new images of Jordan James can be seen

The Beatles on Vinyl.

With the interest in Vinyl Records still on the rise following last year's
vinyl releases of legendary Jazz albums, the first two of which I bought
(Miles Davis and John Coltrane), well Deagostini Records have just recently
released a whole collection of the Beatles on vinyl. And the first one to be
released with a super dooper gift box with lots of info was Abbey Road,
which I managed to pick up for £9.99.

The second Beatles vinyl LP in that collection at a heftier price of £16.99 is
the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, which by now is probably
already out and in the shops.
And what's interesting about the Sgt Pepper album is that it's going to be
mentioned a lot in the news as well as on tv and radio this week because next Thursday
on the 1st of June you'll be able to say those mortal words "It was 50 years ago today"
because Sgt Pepper was first released on June 1st 1967. So there you go, a little bit
of vinyl history. Hopefully I might still be able to pick up a copy.

Below is the short tv advert for this fine vinyl Beatles collection.

The Wrath of Tumblr

Is Tumblr just becoming one big deletion machine? Only I was
looking through my laptop 'Favourites' where I keep various sites
as well as many tumblrs, and yet the majority of them
have been deleted. I don't often visit my Favourites as it's
too chaotically over full. If I think a site is important enough
and I've not put it in my own blog links then I'll desktop it
onto my laptop where as it might get lost and buried in the
But I wonder if there is  possibly a deletion department 
 at Tumblr Headquarters where staff are on paid
 commission to nuke as many of them that they find

I noticed that one big tumblr last week fell and was gobbled
up. I say big because a lot of other tumblrs were feeding off
of it. It was called 'Of Mice and Men' (wannes1963blr).
Admittedly the owner of that one had an extraordinary
collection of images, images that you imagine he had collected
over a lifetime. Perhaps he was a professional image archivist.

So here's a tumblr with no such problem. Amazingly their
archives go right back to Nov 2012. Now there's longevity
for you. Called Dannybois Secret Garden it features mainly
guys in the great outdoors as you can see in the top pictures
above. I wonder if the one at the top right are a set of twins.
They certainly look alike. I wonder who they are.

Dannyboi2secretgarden tumblr

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Catching Up With Jake!

Wondering what young London model Jake Leaf has recently
been up to, it was just by chance that I saw this amazing
top image of him turn up on the Facebook pages of that
rather wacky alternative fashion outlet
Kingkong Magazine.

Sporting a very appealing teasing fringe I barely recognized
him from his usual look. But I do remember first posting up
his images a couple of years ago when he was first introduced
to us through Select Models London.

Below are three of those original images I first posted up.
And at the bottom of this post are a few images from Jake's
latest appearance in an editorial called Lost Boys and
photographed by Oliver Yoan for MRMAG ONLINE, although
I haven't yet seen the new images inserted into their website.
But I did see them and other great images of Jake with a
thorough collection of editorial images posted up at Baidu.


More images HERE on the pages of the editorial
stylist Hanna C. Beck