Friday, 16 November 2018

From a Small Clothes closet to a Cozy Room

I'm quite pleased with my long Summer project of transforming my small clothes closet
into an extra little spare room. And last weekend I went about building a book shelf
cabinet which I fitted on to the back wall. And it does seem to add some charm to
this small space. Perhaps with a more comfy chair and it would make a nice reading room.
Of course I still keep that fold up bed in there as the room is also a guest room.
And yes those shelf candles are battery operated. We don't want any accidents.

Further down below are a few pictures of the room building and transformation.

The original post on this room construction can be seen HERE.

Above:  September 2018 when the newly converted space was turned
into a guest bedroom.


  1. It's a fine little room now. The bookcase cabinet really finishes it nicely.

  2. Andrew, Yes, making the new bookshelf cleared some more space in the main room. And to think that for a long time this little closet was quite a chaotic crowded space. Looks great now. And still room for the guest bed when needed.