Wednesday, 9 October 2019


So London is to finally install some new trains for our Underground system.
All fully automated with the added comfort of air conditioning, something
badly missing on our current crop of trains that run on the deep level sections
of the Tube.
Unfortunately we might not see any of the new trains until 2023. And from
then on, new stocks will spread onto the all important lines
with the hope that the whole Underground system should be updated by the
end of the decade.
Apart from the new design at the front of the trains, they don't actually look
much different from the current trains. That may have a lot to do with the fact
that the new trains are sporting the exact same colours of red, blue and grey.
But we are promised that they will be superior with more space and doors and
will run more regularly to cater to London's ever increasing population.

Below is London Transport's promotion video.

More can be found out on the pages of THE LONDONIST


  1. Nice post Dee! Except for the large cities here in the US- New York and Chicago Lo S Angles is another story we don't do mass transit well!! As for passenger trains we suck!! Europe does this not too badly!

    1. Pete, A former well travelled work mate from South Africa once told me that the very best train/subway system
      he ever travelled on was the Metro/Train system in Washington. I assume he meant Washington D.C. A City I've
      only visited once, just for the day.

  2. Exciting news, and with air con! It is not before time. However, I do wonder whether reality will match the very slick video clip.

    1. Andrew, We hope things will live up to the video. Of course air conditioning would be nice.
      Anything over 29c/30c on our streets during Summer can make it unbearable and best avoided
      on our Tube during Summer where it can reach 39c/40c under ground.

      That recent short trip on our overland Metropolitan train to Ruislip was atually quite cool
      and pleasant, not having to go under ground.
      Maybe in a few years with our new trains and the completion of the Cross Rail project,
      London might become a bit more bearable.