Friday, 7 September 2018

Off for a Late Summer Break.

On Saturday (8th Sept) we're off to Cornwall. Hope to be back here soon.

Haven't had any time for the blog as I've been hosting my Thai visitor this week.
Hope to be back to normal postings very soon.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Two From Seventeen!

Looking spectacular as always with those expressive eyes is Joshua from
K-pop outfit Seventeen, a group that first formed in 2015.
And although they're called Seventeen there's actually thirteen
members in the group. A little too many for my liking. And yet if one or
two were to leave the group you'd hardly know it.

Not really knowing this group so well as they certainly don't seem to
ever appear on the U.K. K-Pop shows on Arirang tv. The three main
big shows feature mainly Rookie groups, but I have always been aware
of Vernon who is quite spectacular looking.
And I can't help thinking that he has a strong facial resemblance to
Japanese Figure Skater Shoma Uno. It's almost spooky.

More images of Joshua by Naver x Dispatch at aminoapps
Below: Vernon from Seventeen

A Summer Project Almost Completed

This Summer I've been building and decorating my flat. So many things
needed updating and repairing. But my main project was in
creating a guest room for the occasional visitor, but more especially
for a Thai friend of mine that I've never actually met but have
known online going back to 2006.
It was originally thought that I would be going over to meet him
but it never happened, with foreign travel now taking a back seat
after my illness.

And I thought that I was excited taking my first foreign trip to
The U.S in 2000 because he is bursting with excitement as it's
always been his dream to visit London. And he can't wait for
me to be his London guide and show him around the tourist trap
sights including Chinatown. And he is super keen to visit the
Soho Gay Village with it's Bars and shops. But I'll only see him
for a few days as I'll be dashing off to Cornwall in just under
10 days time.

This evening I sent him all the photos of the little room I made
for his stay. So I'm sure that will only increase his excitement
for next week.
And what with the obscene prices it costs to stay in London
for budget tourists, staying here with me won't cost him
a penny.

But what a tough job it was clearing out what was just a little
clothes and store cupboard. Quite a bit of plaster came away
from the damaged walls and so they needed a coat of cement
in parts,  followed buy a layer of plaster filler. And those hot
Summer weeks we recently had didn't help much as it can
get quite warm on our top floor here. The U.K is not quite yet
an air con Nation.

And as I stand back and look at it I can hardly believe it.
I feel that I've gained an extra room in my flat.
Of course when I first moved into this Flat it was one big open
space which I divided up, creating that little room as well as a
kitchen area.
And so below are the results of all the work. And I'm still finalizing
the rest of the work in the flat in time for my visitor.

The bed which I ordered through Amazon can be folded away when not in use.

My Top 50 Countdown to the Greatest Ever Dance Tunes... No 48


Racing in at No 48 in our Top 50 Greatest Ever Dance Tunes
is the excellent Club 69 with 'Let Me Be Your Underwear.'
A tune that first came out in 1997.
Club 69's album 'The Best Of' is not only a collection of their
best hits, it's a fantastic collection of some of the best ever Handbag
House anthems of all time with vocalist Kim Cooper giving it
a lot of attitude in a world where the word modesty doesn't
exist in her vocabulary. Look out for more Club 69 in our Top 50 Countdown.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Marko from Chile

Here's an interesting model from Vina Del Mar in Chile that goes
by the name of Marko Leon. He appears to have quite a busy
back catalogue of portfolio images including some that he'd
probably rather forget.

These top three images are by Chilean photographer Aldo Rivas.

There's an interesting profile and interview with Marko


Below: Marko from a page at Archive Dongs.
Above and below: Marko as he appeard in an editorial with
sensational Black model Julian Woodhouse. The title of the editorial
was called Pride Pals for Gayletter. The article was released for Pride month
and featured clothes lines by Marc Jacobs, Ozone and Converse.
The images are by Elvin Tavares.


Below: Julian Woodhouse with Husband Kirill Kabachenko.