Saturday, 19 May 2018

Saturday 19th May

A Right Royal Carry On!

Later today (Sat 19th) we were due to go off down to Cornwall. But alas it had to
be cancelled as my partner has the builders in for some important work. I actually
made the reservations a couple of months ago in the hope of getting some early
Summer weather along with more evening daylight hours which we don't get in
September when we often visit the County.
In fact it's due to be sunny every day down in the West Country all next week but sadly
only around 16c to 18c. So perhaps we had our share of warm May weather over
the recent Bank Holiday weekend.
 It's usually after next week that the Cottage rental prices start to get quite
obscene and unaffordable. And it isn't until the Schools go back after the Summer
holidays that the prices start to drop and become manageable.

It might be hard to believe but I partly also booked for May 19th in the hope of avoiding
the media's saturation coverage of this farcical Royal Wedding for two people I have
absolutely no interest in. I'm okay with The Queen,  it's just her ever growing offspring
that I find irritating in a family full of sham marriages.
You imagine that hardened anti-Royalist might start chattering if Prince William
doesn't tie a knot in it soon, or will he go for Royal baby number four next year?

So I thought that by spending all of today travelling down to Cornwall that I
might have been able to avoid the wall to wall Royal Wedding coverage on tv and radio.
Even back in 2011 when Prince William married Kate I simply had a tv free day
because our media have no control. It's absolute saturation. Just constantly repeating
everything over and over with other more important topical news getting put on
the back burner to the point that it's only the wedding that matters.

And now with the bride's Father unable to attend, the whole thing has turned into a
right ol' carry on. Exactly who is going to accompany Meghan Markle up the bridle

Oh they tell us now that The Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles himself will now
carry out that task. This apparently disappointed many Royal fans that have
been camping out overnight outside of Windsor Castle.

Now had it been an ordinary common wedding with the bride's Father unable to
carry out his official duty, then quite clearly the whole thing would have been postponed.

I don't really know anything about the bride to be, but on Friday morning on LBC Radio,
Steve Allen (the quite entertaining bitchy gossip) claimed that Meghan comes from
a dysfunctional family. That's news to me.
Might this be the reason that Buckingham Palace hadn't made contact with the
Markle family until yesterday to give them some guidance as they normally do for

these big occasions.
Even more odd is that the Bride's Mother will be the only member of the Markle
family attending.

And it's clear now that the BBC have accepted that things are not going to plan
because on Thursday night on the BBC1 Question Time show they chose not to bring the
subject of the Royal Wedding up at all. And yet the story has dominated the airwaves
all this past week. It's as clear as anything that the audience were told by the
studio floor managers not to bring the subject up. Or perhaps the show's
presenter 79 year old Sir David (nobody is going to take away my job) Dimbleby
hushed them all up.

Still there will be the distraction of The F.A Cup Final, the climax of our Football
season with Manchester United taking on Chelsea later today.




Including HD Aerial drone video footage.

I was pleased to find this video of popular Cornwall tourist hotspot
St Ives. And I've noticed that over the last couple of years that
youtubers down in the West Country are starting to make much
more professional videos thanks to new technology with the
use of video camera drones.
Of course we're not allowed so much freedom of use with
drones in heavily built up City areas. But for the fortunate
owners of video drones, it does allow them to film some quite
spectacular aerial shots that gives viewers an even more accurate
layout of the land.





Over the recent busy Bank Holiday weekend I managed to squeeze in another visit
to Portobello Road Market. I also happened to bump into the boys Lourenco and
Tomas from ThisBandUK. Unfortunately I just missed their Street performance
and they were packing up to leave. But I did have a quick word with them and even
got a couple of pictures of them. They did say that they would be performing at
Brick Lane Market on the following day, but I had already planned a visit to
The Little Venice Canal Festival. So hopefully I might see them at Portobello Road
another time as they said that they appear there every few weeks at weekends. 
Below: ThisBandUK performing at Portobello Road last Summer.
And quite clearly on a fairly warm day as the boy's t-shirts came
off.  No doubt to the delight of passing girls, and maybe a few
boys too.


My original blog posting of the boys along with a video I made
can be found HERE.

Below is my Honesty plant. You might remember how I found
some seed pods on the local Heath, eventually planting those
seeds. And amazingly it has now sprouted it's own seed pods (below)
and almost overnight. They look a bit green
at the moment but eventually they turn flaky white.
And from there later in the Summer I can gather the seeds
and create another lot of Honesty plants which are currently
now in flower.

Above are the original seeds which I gathered in 2016,
keeping them in a jar over the Winter eventually planting
them in Spring 2017.

One of the stranger pictures I took on Hampstead Heath over the recent
Bank Holiday weekend.
I often refer to this gothic looking building as The Witches Cottage.