Saturday, 21 October 2017

More of Golden Boy Zander

More of Zander for Client Magazine
By Cameron McNee HERE.

Above: More of the gorgeous Zander Hodgson, an English model
who has made Los Angeles his home. He really is quite into
the whole American dream.
I love his English accent, something he has sensibly held on to.
Yet you could never imagine at first the image and the voice
coming from this same one person. But then that is, apart from
that great body, one of Zander's main attractions, that
beautiful voice.

Below: Zander in one of his most recent video vlogs takes us
around L.A for a typical day which includes a visit to a coffee
shop, a local Art Gallery and then off to the Grand Central

Above: More of Zander from a recent post HERE 

  Zander recently turned up in a controversial
gay scene in the U.S tv show 'Ray Donovan.
More on that story at QUEERTY.


Goran for The Yearbook Annual

Above and below is Argentinian model Goran Barisic
who models for Civiles in Buenos Aires.
Here Goran can be seen in a photo spread for

Images are by Lucas Ricci.

The pages of features Goran as part of it's
series titled New Faces with an excellent photo Gallery HERE.


Tom Taylor... From BBC Drama Doctor Foster....And Updates.

More images of Tom at Wonderland HERE.
I tend to avoid most BBC tv dramas. I just think life is too short
and I've always got plenty to get on with. But the BBC's
recent drama Doctor Foster had me gripped.
The storyline clearly appealed to many tv drama fans as
it was the BBC's most watched Autumn season drama.
So if it's coming to your country then don't miss it.

The story revolves around a broken marriage, revenge and
a teenage son (Sixteen year old Tom Taylor...above) getting
caught up in the middle of all the chaos.

It was actually shown while I was away in Cornwall during
September so amazingly I've still to watch the final two closing
episodes. So when the time is right I shall enjoy them.

And now course this weekend sees the start of the long awaited
Figure Skating Season with Yuzuru Hanyu in action in Russia.
He did reasonably well to come 2nd in the Mens Short on Friday
just behind winner Nathan Chen.
The Men's Free Event takes place today (Sat) but of course thanks
to Eurosport British tv Channel, who frankly treat their customers
like shit, we wont be seeing the Free Event until they televise it
on Sunday.
At home we call that tv Channel 'Eurocrap.'

And on the subject of the Euro and the whole Brexit debate. 
Why doesn't our British PrimeMinister simply walk away from the current
Brexit talks and refuse to pay a single penny to those unelected  and
corrupt nobodies in Brussels. Can't our PrimeMinister see that we are
just being blackmailed. We've paid enough money into the E.U.

Theresa May, hold your head up and walk away and tell that lot in

Have not been blogging much this week as the last few days has
been chaotically busy here at home. I've been having some rewiring
carried out and all while I've been getting on with my Console
stereogram building project which is really coming on nicely now.
I'd say it's now three quarters finished.
On Friday the stereo record player arrived and it just fits perfectly
into the cabinet, right alongside the tv unit that I've also added in.
So for now I'm just lining parts of the cabinet with some nice plush
suede material. It's starting to look a treat.
Hoping to do a blog post on it very soon now, along with of course
a video.

Below: More images of Tom

Above: Suranne Jones as Doctor Foster

Above: Stars of Doctor Foster Suranne Jones,
Tom Taylor and Bertie Carvel.

Above: Tom Taylor in his recent film debut The Dark Tower
with Idris Elba.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

ThisBandUK Performing in Portobello Road

On Saturday I took another stroll down Portobello Road on a freakishly warm mid
October day. And just as I was about to exit The Market I came across this very
talented new but unsigned band called ThisBandUK.  And they comprise of two
very talented Brazilian born twins Lourenco and Tomas Amorim. And every now
and then their Portuguese Father Lorenzo would join in with a bit of percussion and
vocal backing.

And making up the foursome is Bassist Elea.
It was as I was about to leave the Market I suddenly heard the strains of Pink Floyd's
'Comfortably Numb' that drew me to what I thought was a CD and Vinyl stall. But no,
I came across a small crowd watching this little band performing one of their several
Pink Floyd covers.
Clearly influenced by their Father Lorenzo's excellent taste in music, the boys clearly
appreciate all of those great Rock legends from that golden age of music that gave
us Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, just to mention a few.
Luckily I just caught the end of their act with their last number plus an encore
of Comfortably Numb which I managed to video with my phone, although it does
end rather abruptly. That video is below here.

The boys along with their Father and bassist Elea have appeared around
many of London's tourist spots including Brick Lane, Portobello Road, Brixton
as well as Oxford Circus. Several of of their videos can be seen on their Facebook


Lourenco Amorim - Main Vocals and Guitar
Tomas Amorim - Drums and Percussion
Elea - Bass Guitar
Lorenzo Amorim - Percussion and Vocal Backing


Fabian Gamba... From Down Mexico Way!

Above: Popular male model from Mexico, Fabian Gamba appears in
a new editorial for The Guest Magazine with photography
by Abraham Magos.
The hairstyle has definitely got that 1990's boyband look
about it.
More of these images by the photographer can be seen at..

The Guest Magazine


Four Page Photo Gallery @ MX MODELS

Above: Fabian by Dania Valdez

Below: Fabian from his Model Portfolio @ Paragon.