Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Little Venice Canal Festival May 2018

Well, what a record breaking Bank Holiday weekend that was, with sunshine
on Saturday, Sunday and then even warmer for Bank Holiday Monday.
It was also a very busy time for me as I was out and about on Portobello Road
Market on Saturday. And on Sunday I popped over to West London for The
Little Venice Canal Festival.
And yesterday on the Holiday Monday we spent the afternoon on Hampstead
Heath where we saw extraordinary scenes of packed crowds by the Ponds.
I don't think I've ever seen so many sunbathers and swimmers down by the
Men's Pond. It was in places so congested that many of the guys were having
to stand up. It looked quite odd.
We were all informed by the weathermen that this was going to be an exceptional
weekend of weather, and it seemed to bring everyone out. And considering
that we've only just left April behind us, this was definitely not normal weather
for early May. Apparently it was the warmest early May Bank Holiday weekend
since 1978.
Of course being out and about and snapping away for three consecutive days
has actually given me lots of photo editing. Not something I need right now.
So for now I've just posted up a picture as well as, and for the first time at this event,
a video of The Little Venice Canal Festival.



  1. The festival looks very bright and colourful and the sun is bringing out the smiles.

    1. Andrew, It was a fun relaxing day by the Canal.
      And I finally got to film it... for you to see.