Sunday, 18 June 2017

Saturday 17th June

Above:  Dutch beauty Joep Rutjes by Dario & Misja.

And if he looks a little but tied up then so am I as I'm frantically
working away in my downstairs neighbour's garden.
It's the first time I've been in there for three years so there's
lots of work, although I think I'm half way there now.
Sadly they're only away in Europe for another week.
But at least the grass is cut and the overgrown shrubs which
had grown to about 15 foot high, have all now been cut down
to a reasonable 4 feet height.
And I did want to get a lot of the physical work out of the way
before today as London is experiencing one of those rare
well it's a heatwave to us here in the Northern hemisphere.
And hopefully we'll have one of those big garden light ups
for Wednesday's Mid-Summers Day, or as it's known
The Summer Solstice.

I think the neighbours will be pretty pleased with the way it
looks now. And as usual I took some pictures of the garden
before I started the work. So looking forward to the taking
of the end result pictures once again.
Below: A couple of Asian hotties that I've added into a big
Asian post that I'm currently putting together when I can.

Beautiful... and found at Dutch Soccer Boys.
He really does look like one of artist Oliver Frey's
boys come to life. 

Is this a genuine Cameron Dallas picture or just a clever
bit of image manipulation. Either way it's a nice picture
and found at Sons Of Appollon.
Below are a few pictures taken last Saturday while we were
at Marble Arch and the Hyde Park Boat Lake.
It was here that we had a walk about while waiting for
those brave naked cyclists to return to Hyde Park Corner.


  1. Not Cameron. A pose like that is within his limits of what he would do. Edit line from the elbows down. Cams not that hairy. Belly button is wrong too. Nice picture/dream.

  2. If I was into bondage, I would now know what kind of corset I will wear when I reach that time of life when gravity has done its work and distorted my fine figure.
    After all that hard work in the garden, you need a shower, a cool drink and a massage on those tired muscles. Who will attend to you? 9 or 25? - Ian

    1. Yes a shower followed by a very cool drink. But alas no massage boy to come round and sort me out.
      We all know they're two a penny round your way.

    2. two a penny round your way? Define please?

    3. Neil, 'Two a Penny' can mean... Something easily available at no great cost... not difficult to obtain...
      an abundance off. And being that Ian lives in Pattaya Thailand, a boy massage service would be easy to arrange at any time of the day or night.
      Westerners living over there are called Farangs. They even used to be referred as 'Walking ATM's' what with most Thaiboys struggle with finances.

  3. BDSM Leather corset, Talcum powder, and some poppers when you pass out from shallow breathing.

  4. Mature PVC studded waist cincher belt too. Don't judge me. I read it in Cosmo. But I am going to in August. Purely voyeur. Will bring my pro gear camera so detailed pictures will happen. One of my Latin toy boys is interested. If he goes I'll sign him up for the bondage workshop. All the top porn stars will be there. Only $25 a ticket for three days.

    1. Neil, Don't forget to post the pictures up. Oh so you've still got your Latin harem!

    2. Always new "friends" about.

      Plenty of pictures. I'll have two cameras on me. Fresh box of business cards too.

    3. I can just imagine you walking around there clicking away like crazy
      while frothing at the mouth in excitement.