Saturday, 26 August 2017

James Brown and those Stage Antics!

Here's a video clip that was begging to be giffed. I hadn't seen this clip until recently.
It features the Godfather of Soul, or as the MC says, Soul Brother number one.
It is of course James Brown.
Naturally I had to giggle as he comes on stage in what must seem like out of date attire,
but then this performance happened back in the 1970's. But what was very noticeable 
was that as soon as he took up his place at the mic, he suddenly burst into one of his stage
antics where it looked like he might have done some serious damage to himself.
One can only imagine that in the early 1970's James Brown was at the top of his game
and selling more records than any other time in his career. Perhaps at the then age of
41 it was his way of saying I'm back and still on top of the world. But one thing was for
sure, and that is that he was a real showman.

This performance in Zaire in 1974 was set up to tie in with a very famous boxing match
known as The Rumble in the Jungle which pitted Muhammad Ali against George
Foreman. A match in which Ali won in the 8th round and regained the World
Championship title.

Interestingly James Brown does feature quite a lot in my music collection as I quite
like the music soundtracks from those 1970 blaxploitation movies.

Below is a video clip of that Zaire Concert in which James Brown performs
'The Payback.'



  1. He can certainly move. I don't know much about him, but I think before he died there was a disco track called James Brown is Dead.

  2. Andrew, I wonder if he ever got known down under. He was certainly well known here in the West.
    But those moves look quite comical if not dangerous.
    Not heard of that disco track you mentioned.

  3. James Brown is certainly top dog
    (1) His odd moves are, for a non-athlete, impossible. There are undergarments and under-equips that make such moves more than possible. They are not complicating moves, and, there are only a few.
    (2) He starts out as no better than 100 similarly musical others, but, he gets the DOT, and, so, the bottom line is his for far more than they, regardless of any quality difference. On he goes !
    (3) This finds his sounds irritating, but, that is about these ears.
    (4) If "Down Under" means Australia, then, then now it is 2017, and, if not then, then now, ha ha. If any where there is USA POP, he is there, know it or not.

  4. Leo, I see that you have left me many comments for old blog posts and I am greatful. But I want to go outside to the garden and get off the computer.

    The problem is that I find it hard to understand everything you say.
    ARE YOU USING THE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR? Because it doesn't work and never has.

    Please send me an e-mail if you would like to chat about this problem.