Friday, 8 September 2017

Summer Finale!


So we're off tomorrow on Saturday for what should have been a late
Summer break. Instead it's looking like an early Autumnal getaway.
Looks like I'll be packing a couple of jumpers and some extra dvds.
And there's no sign of an Indian Summer. I guess that's why we Brits are
always going on about the weather, simply because it just keeps disappointing
And so Summer 2017 has been yet another letdown. Apart from a mini heatwave
in June just before Glastonbury, and a brief  hot spell in July, the words
'A long hot Summer' seems to be a thing of the past.

Still it's always invigorating to be staying down in Cornwall.
Like the saying goes 'Better to be on a beach on a rainy day as opposed
to a sunny day in the office.'

Below is a highly charged emotional piece of music by the great
Brian Wilson, a musician who certainly played a big part in
the 1960's Californian Surf sounds.
And yet this very song always transports me to a sunset Porthmeor
Beach in Cornwall (top image). Called 'Lay Down Burden' Brian
apparently composed it in 1997 immediately upon hearing
that his Brother Carl was diagnosed with cancer.
And reading some of the feedbacks on this youtube page
might not be easy for some with comments like "I can tell at
the start of this that I'm going to cry." And "I didn't think I
would cry. But I did.'
It's clear that die hard Beach Boys fans have quite an emotional
attachment towards Brian Wilson.


Below are a few new pics of me that I took last weekend.
Looks like a haircut is looming so I wanted to have a record
of those longer locks.
But my, the years seem to be whizzing past. It's like the older
you get then the faster time goes.

For the last three weeks I've been working in my downstairs
neighbour's garden, getting it all back in to shape.
And on Wednesday night we had a big light up, as if we were
almost celebrating the end of Summer, just like they do in
Sweden. Although there was no Crayfish on the menu that night.
I even did a very brief video (below) which also allowed me to
make a few gifs.
The candles and lights have all been put away until next year.
And so hopefully my neighbours will enjoy their newly
revitalized garden when they return in about a weeks time.

I even managed to paint the old dilapidated garden shed
as well as painting the garden bench.


  1. You look marvellously foppish with all that hair. I love the twinkling candle light.

  2. Andrew, Ah foppish, a good word. Sadly needs cutting...getting so thick and wild.
    Yes it's great to finally post up the garden candles in a video.

  3. Better hang on to the hair if the weather is going to be cool. Trouble is, if its windy, salty sea air is a bugger to shampoo every day, so I guess its a toss up between the mop top and a short back and sides. Anyway, bon voyage which is French for bon voyage. - Ian

  4. Ian, Well you just got in there before I sneaked off. You must be an early riser as opposed to a High Riser.
    Looks like I will be needing my woolly hats. It's making us think of going earlier in the year next time.

    Oh I watched episodes 5 to 17 of 'Advance Bravely.' I was hooked even though the episodes were filmed in the
    cinema theatre. I didn't mind too much as the audience participation actually adds to it, especially when it
    looks like our two leading actors are about to kiss, but don't.