Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Off the Beaten Path!

Here's an image I seemingly left out when putting together my recent post when
I visited London's well known Highgate Cemetery. And it was seeing a similar
image on tumblr HERE that reminded me to post this one up (above).
It shows one of the off the beaten paths away from the crowds.

Interestingly I kept seeing this black & white cat (below) in the cemetery grounds for
the whole of that morning. I wonder if it's a regular feature there. I should have asked.

CLICK HERE for the full post of that visit to Highgate Cemetery. 

Spaniards Inn is one of London's oldest and well known
Pubs and almost a stone's throw from Kenwood just down
the road.
I had a brief stop off here on my way back from Highgate.

Described as a characterful 16th century Inn with a very
cozy feel with a big open fire, we're often reminded how the
Inn was used as a stop off point for legendary outlaw
and highwayman Dick Turpin (1705-1739).
What does seem odd though is how Turpin would regularly
stop by at the Inn in preparation for the 2 hour horse ride
into London.
So I'm thinking, hang on a minute, I only live down the road
which is near Hampstead and very much part of London.
So it does show how over the last few hundred years how
our Capital has spread itself out into the outer Boroughs.



  1. There is certainly some discrepancy there. Maybe Turpin only rode plodding Clydesdales.

  2. Andrew, Sounds like Turpin's horse must have been heading for the animal retirement farm.
    At the same time I can only guess that his journeys into the Capital meant crossing
    Town right into Central London.