Sunday, 26 August 2018

A Summer Project Almost Completed

This Summer I've been building and decorating my flat. So many things
needed updating and repairing. But my main project was in
creating a guest room for the occasional visitor, but more especially 

for that rare occasion when someone might want
to stay over.

And what a tough job it was clearing out what was just a little
clothes and store cupboard. Quite a bit of plaster came away
from the damaged walls and so they needed a coat of cement
in parts,  followed buy a layer of plaster filler. And those hot
Summer weeks we recently had didn't help much as it can
get quite warm on our top floor here. The U.K is not quite yet
an air con Nation.

And as I stand back and look at it I can hardly believe it.
I feel that I've gained an extra room in my flat.
Of course when I first moved into this Flat it was one big open
space which I divided up, creating that little room as well as a
kitchen area.
And so below are the results of all the work. 

The bed which I ordered through Amazon can be folded away when not in use.


  1. Wow, you did a terrific job. As soon as I saw August, I thought that looks like a job in heat. I am sure he will be very grateful to you for your effort.

  2. Andrew, It was amazing how I gained all that space by clearing out the clutter and shelves. I know that my friend will be beyond excited when he gets time to e-mail me later today. He works unearthly long hours. I know what he's going through. I remember my own excitement leading up to my first foreign trip in 2000.
    But yes, that was tough work during the heatwave including one whole week without a fridge. Will be posting up the refurbished kitchen area anytime soon.

  3. I've seen photos of people in HK who'd have a whole family living in that room, so I think you have done very well. Hope he can fit all his shopping in there as well. :) - Ian

  4. 90 days in a row for me on one job. Once on remote location I worked 7 months with two days off a month. It was an island bed and breakfast. I was young and could handle it. Now Im paying for it as my doctor visits fill my calendar.

    As always Dee, your work is impeccable. Hope your friend is not rotund. Tight fit. Where did you install the cam(s)?

    1. Neil, I think rotund guest might not get an invite. But then aren't most Thai guys small and petite.
      But the bed also has a memory foam topper on top of the mattress to make it more comfortable.
      Cams... haha!