Sunday, 10 December 2017

And The Snow Came

Well the predictions for Sunday here in London was for rain and more rain.
Instead we got snow and more snow. Quite a rarity down here in the South,
especially so close to Christmas.
So it looks like most of Britain got covered in a blanket of snow. So I thought
I'd pop over to the Heath and take a few pictures. Mind you after an hour of being
out in the cold it was a relief to get back home in the warm.

Once I'd defrosted myself I went to work on decorating our Christmas tree.
I managed to pick one up on Friday. Apparently it's a Nordmann Fir, although
not a potted one like last year's.

Interesting that while out in the snow this morning I must have seen about four
groups of people building snowmen. And they weren't kids but all adults, perhaps
nostalgic for the days when building snowmen wasn't such a rarity.

Tomorrow (Monday's) Daily Express headlines.


  1. I know it can be a pain, but it does look so pretty. Can you park on a yellow line if the line is under snow?

  2. Andrew, I'm sure drivers take advantage of the covered yellow lines. But then our traffic wardens are very vigilant. I'm sure they're on commission.

    This weather we're having must mean that it's finally warming up for you down under.

  3. The Drifters are Dreaming of a White Christmas. - Ian

    1. Will check it out later. Have been a busy bee today.

  4. SE Pennsylvania, snow out my window (not falling, but street is still wet (heavy traffic ... and should be dry with snow everywhere else)). Our 2nd snow. February is when we got to worry. Thanks for nice pictures. ☸️ ☸️ ☸️

    1. Thanks, Yes February is our most severe Winter month.