Saturday, 23 December 2017

Merry Christmas 2017




  1. Lovely photos Dee. You are becoming very adept at gifs. Best seasonal wishes.

    1. Thanks Andrew, The gifs are fun to play around with, although I'm having to use my old laptop to get on to YouTube to make them.
      Seasonal greetings to you and R. Looking forward to the tennis down your way soon. Dee.

  2. Merry Christmas from a chilly winter's day in Pattaya where the temperature was 20C this morning. Shocking I know. It.s the wind that does it.

    And from Down Under....

    Good health and prosperity to all and see you next year. - Ian

    1. Ian, Well we made it to the end of the year here on Blogger as I abided by all their warnings. Resisted posting up any twinky nudie pictures (which they hate). And resisted as much as I could on my two pet hates... attacking those evil politicians and how they waste all our money. Oh and the BBC. Tut tut, a watered down Deejohn, all so he could keep his blog up online.

      Christmas down under, oh my! There's a line in that video you sent...... 'Jingle all the way. Christmas in Australia on a scorching Summer's day.'
      I just can't get my head around Christmas on a scorching hot day. If I was ever banished to the Southern hemisphere for the holidays then I would just skip it and ignore it and wait for the following year. Up here we can only associate it with Winter and the cold and being indoors. It's just something we all grew up with even though our Christmas's are getting milder.

      My friend in Chiangmai was saying how cold it is in the evenings.

      Anyway Merry Christmas to you and your boy. Dee.

  3. Happy Christmas, Deejohn! Keep up the good work…

    1. Hi Oliver. Great of you to visit again. All the best to you at Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas, Dee, I am glad you were able to assemble all this beauty, although apparently with some difficulty computer-wise. Very frustrating for you, but still beautiful for us. Everything is twinkling, warm, and cozy.

    I can feel the cold though--despite being in "sunny California", it's way too cold in my apartment and I have been having to keep warm via a gell-fuel fireplace that is mostly for the look and sound of a crackling fire, but fortunately, it does heat up a room as well. Finally the management sent in a decent repairman and he pronounced that I need a whole new furnace. He said this one had been there since the 1970s and had a very bad leak. A leak, leaking what? He said "Freon", which I understood was for air conditioning, but apparently it is involved with heating, as well. Anyway, a hundred dollar fill up will last for only three days before it all leaks out and heating stops and the system blows nothing but freezing cold air. That's my current circumstance this morning. How many weeks it will take for a new furnace to be installed is so far a mystery. So anyway, your cozy photos (those, and my gell-fuel fireplace) provide some relief, even if imaginary!

    I wish you a totally happy and HEALTHY 2018!

  5. Merriment from Florida, Dee. Never really cold here. We have a negative pressure on the east coast for now. He'll return to the north soon to destroy the world next week. Wonderful to see Bloggy. Thank you for holding the torch high for all us wanderers around the world to find our way back. Your page is a resting place to roost and ramble. Good health and good drink. A few twinks to keep you warm. Toss them out in the morning. Drama.

    xoxo ~n

    1. Neil, Good to have had you around here so regularly and for so long. Your appraisal (by e-mail) of the big Console project this year was really appreciated and made up for the one or two missing old regulars that were seemingly interested in it's outcome, but who chose not to show up with their long awaited feedback. Hope to make a video of it any day now.

      Good luck with your own home building projects ie the old fireplace frames. You've got your hands full having bought so many.

      Nice to think of this page being a resting place to roost and ramble.

      I guess you'll be entertaining us on tumblr as long as 'He' has the keys to The White House.
      Just saw Evan's xmas video. Oh no, not Suzy Q again.

      Happy New Year. Dee. ( sending you some more tumblr pictures soon).

  6. Dear Dee, Thank you for all these interesting responses. I agree with you that we probably should not discuss all this on these pages. I never had the idea that people were corresponding with you via e-mail, and if you ever gave me your e-mail, it somehow slipped my mind.

    I have now written you quite an extensive response to your response, and it probably does not belong on here; surely nobody else would want to read it, but I think you might. (I don't think any of it is bad.)

    As far as I am concerned, you can go ahead and delete my comments on here and also yours, keeping this page "clean" and oriented toward your "Merry Christmas" message. I would rather send what I now wrote you to your e-mail address. I am not sure that you have my e-mail address, so here it is: If you want to, you could send me your e-mail address to mine, the one I just gave you here, and I will send right back to you what I have written. I think it is something you will want to read.