Monday, 1 May 2017

A Visit to The Victoria & Albert Museum

Reposted up here on our new blog are some pictures I took from last year's
visit to The Victoria & Albert Museum London. And having first visited
there the previous year in 2015, I was pleased to see even more displays
on show, particularly in the Weston Cast Court which houses as it's
centrepiece a reproduction plaster cast of Michelangelo's monolithic
statue of David.

Some of those newly added additions in The Weston's room included
Verrocchio's statue of David as well as Donatello's David with the head
of Goliath.

And yet having only visited The V&A twice briefly there's still so much
more to see with visits to other floors and a chance to see literally
hundreds of unseen exhibits.



  1. Reproducing the old art before it can only be a myth. Thank you. wow. Worth 💏 🍸💯

  2. Leo, So pleased you like the images. Yes it is a wonderful Museum and I
    look forward to visiting again as there is still lots more to see.