Monday, 1 May 2017


Above: The main oak gallery at Daunt Bookshop Marylebone. More pictures from this
archive post from last year can be seen HERE.

Well can you believe it. We're finally back online and with a new blog after my
previous blog of 7 years The Beauty Hunter was deleted by giggle! Perhaps it was
partly my fault for not paying attention to the blog while I was offline after
Christmas for a winter break. I probably could have cleaned it up here and there
and who knows, it might have still been up online.

So for the last 6 weeks I've been posting up some of my archive pictures rather
than just start a new blog with only half a dozen posts, and doing just a little bit
each day.
The biggest archive post follows this opening page. It features over 140 images
that I've taken while blogging over the last 10 years. Amazingly that post following
this one took almost 2 weeks to put up. It features all mine and possibly yours
(if you are a previous visitor) of all my favourite Street and Festival photos.
So looking at the new blog you wont see much change in the layout. You might
even see it as a continuation of the previous blog, who's name I was advised by
a few to change.

Thanks of course to Brent at Google Closes Gay Blogs after he gave me some advice
on what to do after the shock blog deletion.

Yes I did have a look at other hosts like Wordpress and Tumblr but none of them
have the full widescreen and easy template layouts like Blogger. In fact Blogger
gives me carte blanche to go mad with big pictures and large texts when I need to
use them. I just don't want a blog layout that only runs down the middle of the screen.
I like the layout to stretch right across my laptop. So we're still with Blogger
so obviously caution will be needed. But naturally I'm disappointed in Giggle who
as always are very vague in revealing what Terms of Service rules were broken.
They never like to say.

So for now what we have here is this full page post followed by 7 other pages with
 archive posts from last year's blog just to give us some roots.

Page 2 -   140 of Deejohn's favourite Street and Festival photos over 10 years of Blogging.
Page 3.  My Collection of Lunar shots taken over the last few years.
Page 4. -  A Visit to Daunt Bookshop London  &  A Visit to Kenwood House.
Page 5. -  Newquay Cornwall images from Summer 2016.
Page 6. - St Ives Cornwall images Summer 2016.
Page 7. -  A Visit to The V&A Museum  &  A Visit to The British Library London.
Page 8. -  A Visit to Abbey Road London  &  More of my Favourite images of Cornwall.


So the beginning of 2017 started really bad for me. Things were going wrong one after
another. January was a testing time for me and life was no bed of roses. But to put everything
back into perspective I had good news from the Hospital after my tests to check for any new
signs of cancer. Everything was fine and the Hospital's 5 year Care Program will come to an end
next January when the final tests will take place. And lets face it, trivial domestic problems mean
nothing when someone tells you that you can carry on living with no visible threat of further

And so life goes on, and even better, it's Summertime!   

Above: In a Summer themed editorial titled Twenty Hours, up and coming
model VICENTE MAYORGA is photographed on the dunes of Con-Con Vina Del Mar
in Chile. Photography is by Fabrizzio Valenuela for Yearbook Fanzine.

More of Vicente in that editorial can be seen HERE.
Vicente's instagram page can be found HERE.

Below: A couple of great Summer gifs via Hans Jur's tumblr.

Above:  Sunset on Porthmeor Beach St Ives Cornwall - Summer 2016
Photographer Brian Jamie either brings out the very best out of his models or perhaps
he just seems to pick the hottest looking guys. And these images of Swedish beauty
Simon Loof are some of his best.

Swedish born Simon from Eksjo is an Ice Hockey player as well as a successful model.
Although I'm not sure if he is as active in the sport today. There's no mention of
his name in the current Swedish Ice Hockey Squad currently playing in the World
Championships in Cologne and Paris this month.

He recently did a return photo shoot with Brian Jamie in yet more
spectacular images, many of which form part of his model agency portfolios.
And of course he posts them up on his instagram page.



So who would have thought that there is actually a word that describes the
moment when you're all safe and warm in you're room while there's a
storm raging outside. It must be one of life's ways of reminding us that we're
lucky to have a roof over our head. And of course with our varying weather
these moments are not confined to the Winter only. We often get days
like this in July when it feels like October.

So this time round I had no eureka moments for a new blog name like I
did for the previous two blogs, so I just stuck with Chrysalism. It's a name
I've been thinking about for quite a few weeks. So Chrysalism it will be.

And looking up further details of it's meaning I found one that goes into
more detail. It's by someone that goes by the online name as 'Black Summer Days.'
And it follows.....

Chrysalism: The amniotic tranquillity of being indoors during a
thunderstorm, listening to waves of rain pattering on the roof
like an argument upstairs, who's muffled words are unintelligible
but who's crackling release of built up-tension
you understand perfectly.

Plus there's more by Black Summer Days

I've also read of others describing Chrysalism as simply being safe at home
while all the wars and madness are going on in the outside world,
and that the home becomes like a bubble of calmness. Sounds nice.
Part time model Matt Dealy, pronounced Daily, hails from the beautiful North West
region of Washington State. And it's clear to see that his part of the world looks pretty
spectacular. The evidence is there to see on his instagram page.

When he's not working in his local Electrical Store then he'll grab every given opportunity
to go forest trekking, mountaineering, boating and often winding up the day by chasing
sunsets, lighting beach fires and photographing the stars up in the night skies,
and sometimes with complete strangers who just happen to be out there exploring
the amazing scenery. I used to do a similar thing when I first used to go to Cornwall
on my own before I talked my partner into joining me every year.

Matt's daily activities can be seen on his Youtube channel where he obsessively vlogs on
a daily basis. He even admits that it is his addiction. In fact at the last count he's posted
up around 57 videos in just the last 4 weeks. And yet I cant help thinking that his vlogs
don't seem to get the attention and feedback that they deserve. I find him quite watchable.
He's good looking, friendly and outgoing and most of all he lives in a spectacular part
of the world.

But I was a little surprised to discover that Matt pushed the boat out late last year when
he spent some time out in California with photographer Terry Smith for several no holds
barred nude photo sessions. They have become part of the photographer's long time
ongoing photo project titled America's Finest Kids.

Those images of Matt can be seen in Terry Smith's tumblr archives covering Feb, March
and April 2016 HERE.  Matt is represented by Hefner Management.



Well we couldn't leave out those Asian beauties. They have after all featured in all of my
previous few blogs. And I know a certain regular of ours would never forgive me if I did
leave them out.

Below on the left this cutie in a red collar comes from the busy pages of isongben where a few
more images of him can be found. Although teasingly the author at isongben decided to
leave out one or two of that picture set citing that they were not suitable for his website.
Well now I'm even more intrigued.

And our forest beauty on the right comes via Merlion tumblr.

Now here's a Japanese pop video that's causing quite a stir. And it's
taking fanservice to a whole new level. It features a 9 member J-Pop
boyband who kiss each other no less than 36 times.

And according to Asian Junkie website J-pop outfit MeseMoa are
bypassing all the weak-ass fanservice that K-Pop groups are serving
up by kissing each other in their 4 minute video titled 'Shadow Kiss'
saving the best one for last.

via Asian Junkie - Thanks to Ian for alerting me on this one last month.

Below: An image from one of several hilarious reaction videos.
Below: This Hong Kong beauty comes from the
pages of hkboy504 tumblr. (Now deleted tumblr)
More of him can be found on HOZ95 tumblr

Below is our Asian Links banner model
who was found at Mushuoxphoto.

Phew! Now this hot Asian guy (below) really does it for me.
He features on the cover of @Man No 9 Magazine,
home of Body Design and Style Men Magazines.
More of him can be seen on the pages of Vision Man.
There's even a short video of him up on the linked
page HERE


Four years ago Hong Kong resident Leon Yee claimed to be
a lazy stay at home fat gay boy obsessed with video games
and junk food, that is until he discovered pole dancing.
It suddenly took over his whole life and he felt better for it.
Dancing on a pole takes him to a whole new world where he
feels like he's flying.
He say's that people often mistake him for some kind of
sex worker or even a stripper. Perhaps it has something
to do with those monstrously big skyscraper high heels.

Watch him in this YOUTUBE where he tells us all about the
wonders of pole dancing.


  1. Congratulations on getting the new blog up and running after so long. When I saw the new name Chrysalism, I immediately though of a brilliant butterfly emerging from the wastelands of a giggle nuked zone. I like your explanation better. Could I just ask you to increase the size of the font under the blog and tumblr links? I find I have to squint to read them now. Glad that you're back. It makes my mornings more pleasant when I have something new to read and links to explore. Well done. - Ian

  2. Thanks Ian, And thanks for helping out last night by telling me how the blog was too wide for your pc/laptop.
    Sending me photos of the blog on your laptop really helped.

    Sorry for dragging you in but no one else came forward to let me know if the template all fitted in.

    I've also chopped off both ends of the main blog banner so I think it should all fit in on your laptop/pc.

    I have adjusted the text font for all the links in the side banner, much more readable now.

    Was really disappointed that all the side banner pictures will all need adjusting. I have done the top few, but I should try and make them a bit bigger. It is after all the posted up blog pictures that are more important. Later will have to adjust those side banner pictures. I have to assume that others might not be seeing them.

    Thanks again, Dee.

  3. So good to have you back with all your lovely boys. Looks good from this end. I'll try to get a blog post about you up by tomorrow, and of course update you in my blog roll.

  4. Thanks Vera, It was looking a bit messy yesterday. Thankfully Ian showed me what it was looking like from his end, so I'm just slowly trying to adjust the side banner picture links.

    A mention will be great as we share a similar audience.

    Back to the banner adjustments while watching The Eurovision Song Contest (semi-finals...Final is on Saturday).
    I remember you liking that. I think all eyes are on the pretty Australian boy (Isaiah Firebrace) assuming he gets through to the Final.

    Thanks again, Dee.

  5. Glad you made it back, Deejohn!

  6. Hi Oliver. Great to have you back as well...thanks to Vera.

    Hope it's all looking good from your end. Had to do several

    Thanks for visiting. Hoping you'll get a good Welsh Summer.

    So pleased you found us. Dee.

  7. hkboy need a sandwich or two

  8. Neil, Oh he's okay. Nice face and lovely eyes. I quite like the skinny rippling look.

    Odd that the original tumblr I found him on just got deleted.
    Tumblr is just becoming one big deletion machine. About 60% of tumblrs in my laptop
    favourites are no longer active.

  9. Definite thanks to Vera for spreading the word. I had thought that you had finally just given glad to see that that wasn't so. But how despicable to have you simply deleted and honestly, to a reasonable person, there never was anything wrong with your blog in the first place. It is pure totalitarianism to not even explain what the "transgressions" were or to fail to give clear guidelines. Power mad people.

  10. Tom, I'm guessing that Giggle get nervous of the young male image of which there was plenty on The Beauty Hunter.
    And yet they don't really care about those other blogs where those big hairy hunks and beefy types are doing all sorts of unmentionable things, but oh no, we must see the younger ones doing such things.
    In fact I never once posted up a single image of the act of sex. Maybe it was those Vintage boy pictures from way back when. Those sort of images where it's hard to put an age to the model.

    Still I hope you're going to enjoy this new blog. I've certainly packed in a lot in this opening post.
    And I specially like those Summertime gifs.

    The new top blog banner must have taken the whole of a Saturday to create what with changing things around
    and re-photographing it three times over. Just think of the fun we might have come this Christmas when I will
    set it all up again and decorate it with seasonal colour. Maybe even put Bloggy in his Santa suit. That's if
    Giggle lets us continue here.

    But I'm pleased you found us. I was getting worried that you wouldn't visit thereby giving you more quality spare
    time during your weekends away from School.

    1. Correction... 'But oh no we MUSN'T see the younger one's do such things.'

  11. chrys·a·lis [ˈkrisələs] also a preparatory or transitional state: "she emerged from the chrysalis of self-conscious adolescence"
    ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Latin chrysal(l)is, chrysal(l)id-, from Greek khrusallis, from khrusos ‘gold’ (because of the gold color or metallic sheen of the pupae of some species).
    --- YOU are no adolescent. Why "the THEY" target you as if "the THEY" hate you seems as if it must be personal. The only thing see as nakeds is the NAKED RUSSIAN and is the LONDON NAKED BIKER sets [lose both sets, but ... do remember that NO ONE ELSE does such !!! ]. Other nakeds are odds and ends. Your site is not porno. Cannot figure.
    --- Chrysalism is a nice name.
    ---- If LONDON NAKED RIDER is available, will take him on. Still love that NAKED RUSSIAN and like to meet him as the guy in the set meets him, also naked, and talks to him. Share that horse, at the end, maybe, too ! ha ha
    --- You are soft as VERA and OK to sleep. THANK YOU !! 🍸😘♂🍸😈⛪🛁😉