Monday, 1 May 2017

My Lunar Images

Above: Last Thursday night's Full Harvest Moon which arrived slightly
late this year. Last year it appeared in September.
Here I managed to catch it on the rise.
They say that the Moon is supposed to be bigger and brighter at this
time of the year. And in days of old the extra light in the evening sky
was useful for Farmers gathering in their Autumn Harvest.

Thursday October 5th 2017
Above and below are just a few Lunar images I've captured throughout various
times of the year. The picture above is of the Supermoon, or the Harvest
Moon as it is known. And amazingly it was this full Moon back in September
of 2015 that also gave us a full Lunar Eclipse on that very same night.
(See the full blood red Moon further down below).


Above: The Full Lunar Eclipse during the early morning of 27th September 2015.
Although I managed to get images of the full Super Moon earlier that
evening, I had to wait until around 4.30 am that morning to watch the
Moon turn full blood red as it passed the Earth's shadow.

I do recall capturing images of the previous full Lunar Eclipse back in
2007 while setting up a Moon watch from our back garden.
Apparently the next rare occurrence of a Super 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse
wont take place until the year 2033.
Above: A Summer Half Moon from 2014

Above: A Jumbo jet passing below a near full Moon in Summer 2016.
Now if only I could get a shot of a jet actually passing the face of
the Moon.
I'm always pleased to see a new Moon up in the night
sky. I find it so reassuring. And yet looking at the above
image you almost imagine that you can see the dark
side of the Moon.

Above:  No Moon in the sky but I couldn't resist photographing
these spectacular Summer clouds.
Above and below: Another Super Harvest Moon I managed
to capture while we were staying in Cornwall in September



  1. IS HARVEST MOON THE LOVERS' MOON ??? ... best answer can find ... Lovers' Moon
    The fabled Lovers' Moon illuminates the night.
    Shining upon a couple with its magic light.
    They treasure just one thought two hearts so crystal clear.
    To hold in their arms one that is so dear.
    One that makes life worth living
    just by being near.
    They promise that forever together they will be as they bathe in the magic that others do not see.
    So if you feel that you are lonely and hope to find love soon.
    Look toward the heavens and make a wish on the Lovers' Moon.

    ☆ Mrs. L ☆ · 1 decade ago [THANKS TO YOU FOR EVEN BOTHERING TO LOOK UP ]

  2. Leo, Your poem sounds very nice and romantic.
    But I mostly know the name Harvest Moon as a
    period in late Summer/early Autumn when Farm
    workers were able to work well into the night
    gathering the crops and Harvest thanks to the
    big bright moon around that time of the year.