Monday, 1 May 2017

Off To Abbey Road

Originally posted up on my previous blog, these were
a few images captured on a Sunday sunny morning
the sight of the famous Abbey Road studios where George
Martin and the Beatles recorded some of their finest
works. The actual road crossing itself seems almost to
be a place of pilgrimage for Beatles fans. And in 2019
it will mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles recording
of their 1969 album Abbey Road.

Having first visited the road crossing in 2013, it was good
to see that the crossing had been repainted. And as
always this spot was fairly crowded as it usually is
on a Sunday. And it's always fun watching the tourists
from the comfort of your armchair crossing the famous
road via the 24 hour live webcam. In fact when I got
home myself on that Sunday I looked back on the mornings
webcam recordings and watched myself.

But it's never easy trying to get into position in the middle
of the road to get your ultimate shot of the zebra crossing
as you're having to dodge the oncoming traffic.
But it's always fun visiting there and the foreign
tourists seem to get a real buzz from it all.

Here's a funny gif above of The Beatles and found
somewhere on tumblr.
And I couldn't help noticing the four people below
crossing the road seem perfectly colour coded clothes
wise. And one of them even took his shoes and socks
off as did Paul McCartney on the day.

Click HERE to view the 24 hour Live Webcam at Abbey Road

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