Monday, 1 May 2017


Last Summer we visited Newquay during the most popular
event in the town, The Newquay Boardmasters
Surf Skate and Music Festival. And thankfully the
weather was very kind to us.
The main Surfing event is held on Fistral Beach with
other various events going on as well as the Skating
and Biking competitions.
Of course we've visited Newquay outside of Boardmasters
week and it never feels the same. But during Festival
week there's always such a buzz in the town.
The downside is off course that Festival week seems
to be the most expensive time to stay down there,
with property owners and Holiday letting Agencies cashing in
on the annual event.
And as it stands we don't currently have any bookings
to stay down there this Summer. But then we have
been down there for the past straight three years.
Instead we're looking forward to visiting West Cornwall.

Below are some of my favourite pictures snapped while
staying down there last Summer plus I've thrown in
one or two from the previous year in 2015.


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