Monday, 1 May 2017

A Visit to Daunt Bookshop in Marylebone

In late 2016 I visited the charming old surroundings of
Daunt Bookshop in Marylebone
with it's oak galleries, skylights and it's creeky wooden
Having seen an item on the store in Time Out magazine
I wanted to go and take a look. Apparently
the picture above of the main oak galleries is a must
have image for many instagram owners.
It was tempting to buy one or two books but in the
end I just came away with an Advent calendar.

It would seem that we have a branch of Daunt Books
in Hampstead
but I've not yet seen it. And I'm sure it doesn't have
the old charm of the Marylebone shop.

On the way out of the store and just down the road
I popped in to have a look inside St Marylebone Parish
Church which was built between 1813-1817.
An image of inside the Church can be seen at the bottom
of this post, and very impressive it looked. And I
imagine that it looks even more spectacular in the full
light of the day.

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