Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Saturday at the Portobello Road

I cant think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in London than to pay
a visit to Portobello Road. Sadly I don't go so much these days, though I should.
Perhaps the journey of crossing Town is what puts me off. But once I'm there
I absolutely love it. It's hardly surprising that like Camden Market on a Sunday,
Saturday at Portobello is indeed a London tourist trap.

So what is the attraction? Well for me it's the rummaging through the record vinyl
stalls, watching and listening to the buskers and musicians that line the entire
Market Street, paying regular visits to the plant and flower stall, looking over the
vintage magazines and clothing stalls. But most of all my beady eyes are always
on the lookout for vintage artifacts, things I can use for my several ongoing building

Anyway here's just a few pictures taken on Saturday over this Bank Holidy weekend. 

Above on the right is an unusual red phone box that now has two
functions. In fact the last time I saw it on an even busier Saturday
there was a cue of about a dozen people waiting to use it.
Of course once close up I realized they all wanted to withdraw
cash from it rather than wanting to use it's phone.
Not sure though that I'd want to risk putting my Bank card
in there,  just in case it swallows it up without returning it.

Being a City of diminishing landmarks it's good to see that the
iconic Electric Cinema still stands in Portobello Road.

Where ever you walk up the Market street, music seems to seep out at every corner.
And I couldn't resist the samba beats emanating from this corner pub in the Market
Here's a talented musical family, although not performing the traditional
Caribbean sounds that dominate Portobello Road, but instead performing
some popular well known Classical music pieces.


Above: Well known London landmark Trellick Tower, a 31 storey
block of residential Flats which is visible once you reach the
far end of the Market.

This is one of several eye catching almost Mediterranean style properties in Pembridge
Road, at the Notting Hill Gate end of Portobello Road. 

These colourful houses are situated at the other end of Portobello Road towards
the Notting Hill end. And one of these properties has the honour of a blue plaque
indicating that someone famous once lived there.
And the house at No 22 Portobello Road was once where writer George
Orwell lived.


  1. A great collection of photos with some very nice guys. There is a play here about to open, 1984. Must be some kind of Orwell anniversary. What a clever use for a phone box. They can't all be free libraries.

  2. Andrew I heard that the Orwell play has been going on tour around the world. I think it wound
    up here in London last September.

    But yes a fun day out Saturday, but very difficult posting it all up. Meant to have it up for
    the Sunday blog visitors.
    Couldn't help but think of your Mother when I saw those witty fridge magnets. But alas none about
    Mum's rewiring of her house. Just the one that said..."Be nice to your kids. They will be choosing
    your Nursing Home."

  3. I look at these pictures and think that I was born in the wrong place.

  4. Vera, I can understand what you say. I suppose I have to be grateful that my Mum broke away
    from the family nest in a quiet sleepy Village in Ireland and headed for the bright lights
    of London.
    But yes I still have to pinch myself living here in North London.

  5. On my first trip to London in 1980, I stayed at Notting Hill Gate and wandered along Portobello Rd after recovering from jet lag. It was there I really felt as though I was in the UK. - Ian

    1. Ah... The Thatcher years, and before the digital age. But yes I suppose Portobello Road
      would have painted a picture of London back then. As long as you had room to park your
      Volkswagon, or perhaps that was later on your second visit in 98'.

  6. Great photos Dee!! The young man on his cell phone is hot!! Thanks

    1. Pete, Yes he was good looking. Shame though that he was so engrossed on his
      smartphone, which seems a little odd to me with so much stimulation going on
      around him. I guess it cant be easy being a Parent these days.
      Portobello Road is the last place that I'd want to sit down and surf the web
      on a phone. Was he checking how popular he was on instagram? We'll never know.