Monday, 1 May 2017


Above: The main oak gallery at Daunt Bookshop Marylebone. More pictures from this
archive post from last year can be seen HERE.

Well can you believe it. We're finally back online and with a new blog and it's
here that I'll be posting up lots of my own pictures taken around London
while visiting lots of popular places in our Capital while also trying to
catch many of our seasonal Festivals.
It's also here that I'll be posting up any home building projects. I seem to have
so many on the go all at one time.

So the beginning of 2017 started really bad for me. Things were going wrong one after
another. January was a testing time for me and life was no bed of roses. But to put everything
back into perspective I had good news from the Hospital after my tests to check for any new
signs of cancer. Everything was fine and the Hospital's 5 year Care Program will come to an end
next January when the final tests will take place. And lets face it, trivial domestic problems mean
nothing when someone tells you that you can carry on living with no visible threat of further

And so life goes on, and even better, it's Summertime!   

Above:  Sunset on Porthmeor Beach St Ives Cornwall - Summer 2016

So who would have thought that there is actually a word that describes the
moment when you're all safe and warm in you're room while there's a
storm raging outside. It must be one of life's ways of reminding us that we're
lucky to have a roof over our head. And of course with our varying weather
these moments are not confined to the Winter only. We often get days
like this in July when it feels like October.

So this time round I had no eureka moments for a new blog name like I
did for the previous two blogs, so I just stuck with Chrysalism. It's a name
I've been thinking about for quite a few weeks. So Chrysalism it will be.

And looking up further details of it's meaning I found one that goes into
more detail. It's by someone that goes by the online name as 'Black Summer Days.'
And it follows.....

Chrysalism: The amniotic tranquillity of being indoors during a
thunderstorm, listening to waves of rain pattering on the roof
like an argument upstairs, who's muffled words are unintelligible
but who's crackling release of built up-tension
you understand perfectly.

Plus there's more by Black Summer Days

I've also read of others describing Chrysalism as simply being safe at home
while all the wars and madness are going on in the outside world,
and that the home becomes like a bubble of calmness. Sounds nice.


  1. Congratulations on getting the new blog up and running after so long. When I saw the new name Chrysalism, I immediately though of a brilliant butterfly emerging from the wastelands of a giggle nuked zone. I like your explanation better. Could I just ask you to increase the size of the font under the blog and tumblr links? I find I have to squint to read them now. Glad that you're back. It makes my mornings more pleasant when I have something new to read and links to explore. Well done. - Ian

  2. Thanks Ian, And thanks for helping out last night by telling me how the blog was too wide for your pc/laptop.
    Sending me photos of the blog on your laptop really helped.

    Sorry for dragging you in but no one else came forward to let me know if the template all fitted in.

    I've also chopped off both ends of the main blog banner so I think it should all fit in on your laptop/pc.

    I have adjusted the text font for all the links in the side banner, much more readable now.

    Was really disappointed that all the side banner pictures will all need adjusting. I have done the top few, but I should try and make them a bit bigger. It is after all the posted up blog pictures that are more important. Later will have to adjust those side banner pictures. I have to assume that others might not be seeing them.

    Thanks again, Dee.

  3. Glad you made it back, Deejohn!

  4. Hi Oliver. Great to have you back as well...thanks to Vera.

    Hope it's all looking good from your end. Had to do several

    Thanks for visiting. Hoping you'll get a good Welsh Summer.

    So pleased you found us. Dee.